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Campus Vamps: A New Adult College Vampire Romance: Vampires, Beer, Sex and Midterms Too (The Vampire College Invasion Book 2) Video Book Intro

“Aaah, vampire novels, perhaps one of the most popular manifestations of the modern paranormal romance genre. Susan Charles dives into a new series with us, mixing university romance and vampires into a consistent whole that just works. And finally, a female vampire! While most stories of this type go for male vampires, targeting a mainly female audience, this one is different.” Amazon Customer

Antivenin for Vampires: A New Adult College Vampire Romance (Sates Be Praised Book 1) Video Book Intro

“Ruby’s story is unique and moving. Meeting up with a vampire and being whisked into his world and ultimately…. well, I don’t want to give away too much… but I can say that I really enjoyed all the action, surprises, twists and turns that occurred in this story. And all the characters too were so different, flawed and utterly believable! But Ruby stuck out for me. And it does have some steamy moments too, just saying. And since I just noticed that this is Book […]

Campus Vamps: A New Adult College Vampire Romance: Vampires, Beer, Sex and Midterms Too (The Vampire College Invasion Book 1) Video Book Intro

“Being a fan of the paranormal I’ve naturally read many books about vampires. Vampire Romance: Campus Vamps Book 1 definitely stands out as something original and special. Why? Probably because author Susan G. Charles has been doing it for a long time and she has developed the most unique way of describing what the vampires are feeling. As I read this wonderful romantic story I really could feel what it must be like to actually BE a vampire. Yes, vampires have emotions and feelings, just […]

Vampires, Love Potions and Other Immortals: A Collection of Paranormal Short Stories Video Book Intro

“After perusing this collection of paranormal short stories, I would have to say this author has some sharp wit. There is a twist on the normal order of business which says that paranormal creatures are all dark and evil. Even the vampire shows a streak of goodness and kindness even as he awaits his tribute. This is a nice set of stories that are infinitely entertaining. Perfect for that dark rainy night when you are seeking quality entertainment.” BookWorm Reviews 4 You

Animal Desire: A Paranormal Werewolf Romance Video Book Intro

“I am enchanted with Susan G. Charles. She is a super talented writer with the creative imagination of a true artist and can weave fantasy with the best of them, combining spine-tingling plots with breath-taking pace. Werewolves, were-cougars, witches, pack alphas, babies, and family loyalties all combine in a rare mix to create fascinating reading. Highly recommended. ” Julia Busch

Defection: Lies and Secrets Under the Red Moon: A Paranormal Vampire Romance Video Book Intro

“This is not the first Susan G Charles bloodsucking thriller I’ve read, and it certainly won’t be the last. Great characters, credible plots, and the usual twist in the tail. I won’t do any spoilers, but I will recommend this to anyone who enjoys the paranormal genre. Just the right mix of surreality and tenderness. Great fun!” – Hypnotist 101

The Devil’s Game: Vampires, Love Potions and Immortals: A Boxed Collection of Paranormal Romance Short Stories Video Book Intro

“This is a book of three short paranormal romance stories. They are all filled with well rounded characters and heroines that you can feel sympathy for. I love the story about the Love Potion, both romantic and amusing. If you like paranormal romance you will love these three stories. The author does a great job of painting a romantic environment for you to lose yourself in at the end of a dreary day.” – Love Reading