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Hunted By The Wolves: A Paranormal Romance Video Book Intro

“In this paranormal love story, Hunter has feeling for Carolyn, who tries to ignore him. What seems to be a normal love story starts to descend into the paranormal as it moves forward. Gripping readers from the first page, Susan Charles’ writing style is energetic. The would-be lovers are actually enemies, in the form of a vampire and a werewolf, and it becomes a battle between love and hate. Charles’ style is fast and the plot moves quickly, but nothing is left behind. A real […]

Toots Audio Book Bonus

Hi, I am Susan G. Charles, and I’d love to send you the FREE audiobook version of my recent Amazon Bestseller Toots and Poots in a World Full of Snoots as a thank you for buying the kindle or paperbook version of the book!  🙂 Just follow the steps below. Step 1: Enter your first name and best email address in the boxes below. Then you will automatically get an email telling you the place where you can get access to your free audio book […]