Quiet Moments ADULT COLORING BOOK: 45 Relaxing & Stress Relieving Patterns & Drawings. Video Book Intro

USERS – Cannot print from your device? Download the printable PDF version from a link located at the end of the book. If the link at the end of the book doesn’t have a – between the last 2 characters (no additional spaces only the –), then add it between them and then the link should work fine.  🙂  Sorry for the mistake

“What a cool idea since I’m stuck at home with an injury for a couple of months and have been searching for anything new to keep myself occupied besides just watching TV. My mom got me this adult coloring book as a gift. It’s very detailed – and the image style is quite varied from hand drawn looking images to more computer generated looking ones. It does take a long time because all of the pictures are tremendously detailed but the finished images are really amazing!” Emma