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The Devil’s Game: Vampires, Love Potions and Immortals: A Boxed Collection of Paranormal Romance Short Stories Video Book Intro

“This is a book of three short paranormal romance stories. They are all filled with well rounded characters and heroines that you can feel sympathy for. I love the story about the Love Potion, both romantic and amusing. If you like paranormal romance you will love these three stories. The author does a great job of painting a romantic environment for you to lose yourself in at the end of a dreary day.” – Love Reading

Animal Desire: A Gray Wolf Pack Paranormal Romance Video Book Intro

“I am enchanted with Susan G. Charles. She is a super talented writer with the creative imagination of a true artist and can weave fantasy with the best of them, combining spine-tingling plots with breath-taking pace. Werewolves, were-cougars, witches, pack alphas, babies, and family loyalties all combine in a rare mix to create fascinating reading. Highly recommended.” – Julia Busch

Claimed by the Vampire King – Complete: A Vampire Paranormal Romance – Tale of the Century Bride Video Book Intro

“This is a great story because it’s very different than what’s already out there. If you’re looking for a new story to really be hooked on then I would definitely recommend this book because it has a lot of new stuff that I believe not many other books have. It also has a lot of good historical stuff.” – Jonny

Claimed by the Vampire King – Book 1: A Vampire Paranormal Romance Video Book Intro

“This was my first book by Susan Charles and I was really blown away. She writes very well and the story is compelling. I read some other reviews and I, too, was concerned about the ending, but maybe there is a sequel coming. At any rate, this story is excellent and as good as anything I have read by any of the, so-called, famous writers.” – James Hoag

Hunted By The Wolves: A Paranormal Romance Video Book Intro

“In this paranormal love story, Hunter has feeling for Carolyn, who tries to ignore him. What seems to be a normal love story starts to descend into the paranormal as it moves forward. Gripping readers from the first page, Susan Charles’ writing style is energetic. The would-be lovers are actually enemies, in the form of a vampire and a werewolf, and it becomes a battle between love and hate. Charles’ style is fast and the plot moves quickly, but nothing is left behind. A real […]