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The Animal Sagas: A Gray Wolf Pack Paranormal Romance Box Set: The Alpha and Beta Take a Mate Series Video Book Intro

“The Animal Sagas: A Shapeshifter Paranormal Romance by Susan G Charles is a great trilogy series that will have you not wanting to put it down. Each page continues a wonderful selection of stories that any romance lover will enjoy. Add a little suspense and you have a very nice series of stories.” -RDC

Animal Desire: A Gray Wolf Pack Paranormal Romance Video Book Intro

“I am enchanted with Susan G. Charles. She is a super talented writer with the creative imagination of a true artist and can weave fantasy with the best of them, combining spine-tingling plots with breath-taking pace. Werewolves, were-cougars, witches, pack alphas, babies, and family loyalties all combine in a rare mix to create fascinating reading. Highly recommended.” – Julia Busch